An innovative & revolutionary learning tool for your child

Baby-T, soft to touch and made from safe materials, can be worn on baby’s child’s wrist or placed on baby’s bottle. The bracelet has a memory card to download music and audio files inside, and can even record mother’s voice. The list of options presented on the front page of the pamphlet shows that Baby-T: Helps parents to occupy and keep their children fascinated with stories, songs, music and sounds. Is a wonderful tool that can be used to teach sounds, words, pronunciation, and language skills. Is an excellent way to hear mother’s, or even the child’s, recorded voice. Makes it easy to soothe or help the child to sleep. Baby-T stimulates the child with new ways to enhance development.

Baby-T – it's

Baby-T – how does it work?

It is surprisingly simple to use. Baby-T is a bracelet with a memory card and a recording chip inside. The USB that comes with the bracelet enables you to download music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, songs, children’s educational programs and audio files. The files can be repeated, erased and replaced with new content, whatever you feel appropriate. Furthermore, Baby-T can also record the first sounds and words your child utters…. Or record your voice, which can be played back when your child needs comforting.

Baby-T – it’s safe!

Baby-T was designed to ensure that the bracelet would be flexible and soft, with importance placed on safety and comfort. Baby-T is suitable for babies of all ages, and can be used by newborn babies and onwards. The bracelet is made with only environmentally friendly, resilient materials, making it safe to be placed in a child’s mouth.


Baby-T – Contributes to babies’ development

Research has proven that the most important period in a child’s development is from newborn to 6. During these years, children are able to absorb a huge amount of information: speech, language, vocabulary, math and more. The child’s brain doubles in size. This is the time to talk to your child as much as possible, and for your child to hear and absorb stories, songs, music, language and tunes. This is where Baby-T can help because you can download files to the memory card and listen to:
1. Music files to encourage the child to develop body movement and motoric skills, to learn rhythm and harmonies.
2. Audio files so that the child can hear correct pronunciation, sentences, enhance vocabulary and language skills.
3. Language teaching files, or even the mother’s recorded voice teaching your child how to articulate words and phrases.

An innovative and revolutionary learning tool for your child

Soothes children, helps parents and encourages mother/child connection

  • To listen to bedtime stories
  • To hear the mother’s voice when the child is unsettled and needs comforting.
  • To keep the child busy listening to music or stories when you cannot give the child your attention, such as while driving, talking on the phone, shopping, etc.
  • To sing along with your child to the songs playing on Baby-T
  • To record the child’s first words and save on the memory stick.
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Everything included

  • Operated by easily and simply with five buttons
  • Memory card 128 mb included
  • No batteries are necessary
  • USB included
  • The bracelet that talks to your child
  • Tells your child stories
  • Sings songs to your child
  • Plays tunes and sounds to your child
  • Teaches your child vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Lets your child hear your recorded voice
  • Records baby’s first sounds and words
  • Soothes your child while he is bottle feeding
  • Helps your child to fall sleep


Baby-T has high durability and is designed to last for years. By paying attention to the user guidelines and operating instructions, your child will be able to enjoy Baby-T from the day he is born and onwards. Baby-T is made of safe materials and it is safe for the child to put in his mouth, as children do. The bracelet can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but must not be immersed in water. Baby-T is operated by easily and simply with five buttons. You could very well say: “it’s child’s play”! Uploading audio files or downloading them to save on the computer is accomplished by using the attached USB cable. The operating instructions:

Button 1:
To turn on the Baby-T, press and hold the button for 5 seconds.
To turn off the Baby-T, press and hold the button for 5 seconds.

Once the bracelet is turned on, press the button quickly once and the lights will flash to draw the child’s attention. Press the button once again to turn off the flashing lights.

Button 2:
Press the button once to hear the audio files one after another.
Press the button once again to stop.

Button 3:
Press the button once to fast-forward the audio file. Pressing again will transfer to next audio file and continue doing so to reach the audio file you wish to hear.

Button 4:
Pressing the button continuously increases the volume up to the maximum. If you continue to press the button, the sound returns to the lowest level. And then start again.

Button: 5
To record – Press the button once and begin to record. Recommended distance for recording is approximately 30 cm.
Press the button once again to pause and hear the recording.

To save the recording – Press the button for 5 seconds to download the audio file to the memory card in the bracelet.
If you do not wish to save yet and want to add to the recording – press the button quickly once to continue recording.
The memory card comprises 1 GB.

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Downloading and uploading files to the computer: You will find a charger and a USB cable in the package that connects the bracelet to the computer to download or upload audio files. The USB connection is exactly the same as a USB flash disk. You can download the files from the bracelet to the computer and save them. You can also upload other audio files from the computer to the bracelet. It is important to remember that downloading audio files or recordings from the bracelet frees space on the memory card and enables other files to be uploaded.